The 2020 Flagstaff Hill Art Show

18th - 25th April 2020
Flagstaff Hill Primary School
Black Road, Flagstaff Hill, SA


Artshow Preview 2017 - Genre - Humanity (3 works)

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A Man And His Dog

Height 42cm x Width 54cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Humanity

© Eric Hudson (4)

NRN# 000-38573-0135-01

Exhibit# 251

Peace To You

Height 50cm x Width 40cm

Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

Genre: Humanity

© Rita Iachini (2)

NRN# 000-38234-0141-01

Exhibit# 267

Matters Of Her Heart. Ii

Height 50cm x Width 70cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Humanity

© Candy Zhao (4)

NRN# 000-36794-0165-01

Exhibit# 547